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Every Month I publish  an Author's Newsletter, which I alwas make sure is light hearted.  Well I try to.  News of my books and what I've got planned for the future.  I've started including a recipe that the characters in my books would have included in their day to day lives and other bits and pieces about them.


In other words it's just a bit of fun between me and my readers.  At the moment I'm sending it out by a mail rather than having a link to it.  I'm trying to find a way o having a reliable link for it.  I did try Mailchimp and to be perectly honest it was a complete nightmare.  Some people got it, some people didn't.  Some people got three copies, one poor soul got ten     Every e mail address is stored securely so there is no chance at all of it ever being passed on to anyone.


If you would like to join my e mail list, please use messenger and let me have your e mail and I'll add you to my e mail list or if you know anyone who would like to join, please let me know.  Everyone is welcome.  Even  groups are very welcome especially reading groups.