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Time to catch up with the News !


The Constellation Diamond Mystery is now available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo.  A thriller this time rather than a mystery.  Two young people living in Germany become embroiled in a  race across Europe involving a far right Political Group, a religious sect of monks, dangerous drug dealers and are people who are posing as their friends and family really quite what they seem?




Come and meet the outrageous Newberry Knitters !  A knitting group who meet in the village Church Hall.  This is book one of a Cozy Mystery Series.  The Knitters win a lottery jackpot and decided to take the group of a lifetime.  It's certainly that.  The cruise turns out to be sheer murder!.




The latest in the Honor Maye Series is published now on Amazon Kindle and Kobo.  This one is called the Return of the Old Seadog.  Someone from the past returns to the village.  There is a dog show which upsets Percy the Pug and John has to accept the fact that his past wasn't the way that he thought it was.