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By violetsandlacecrafts, Apr 22 2019 11:04AM

I've been criticised a little bit for not telling my readers who I really an other than married and live in London. So I 'm giving in and telling all. I'm an only child. Born and grew up in London Behind the name I write under, which is actually my real name, I'm Lady Carol Yeomanson. The title is real. It's mine and I'm very proud of it. I left school at sixteen years old with a burning desire to became a successful writer but the school laughed in my face so I decided to write anyway. I started work on the Polaris Nuclear Submarine Project at sixteen years old but qualified as a Journalist as well. I still Freelance now and again. I used to be a successful Author years ago when it came to writing short stories and used to write under the name of Justine Goodrich Meech. So there you are. That's just a shortened version. The complete version is in my newsletter, but there's just one thing that some of you won't know even to this day. Where did I get the name Goodrich Meech from. A lot of you knew me as a child and a lot of you knew my Mother's Cousin Amy - by one name. Most though I would imagine never knew that her real name was Goodrich Meech and not the married name she used?.

By violetsandlacecrafts, Mar 3 2019 11:14AM

Even now and then an Author needs a break and yesterday this Author certainly got one! My son took me to a gin making lesson. We were guaranteed to come away with our very own bottle of hand made gin which we did, which we named and the very nice people at the City o London Gin distillery keep our recipe if thats what you call it permanently on file 'for ever' and we just ring then and they will make our gin. Obviously we pay for it but it's there for us forever !. It's all licensed and above board but now I'm an Author and Gin maker !!!!.

By violetsandlacecrafts, Feb 27 2019 01:55PM

The Haunted Honeymoon, The Fourth in the series of the Honor Mayer Mysteries Cozy Mysteries is now available on Amazon.

All our usual character are back, but there are some funny going ons going on this time! Honor and John are planning their wedding, but does anything ever go right for poor Honor and what about Percy her beloved pug? Who had kidnapped Percy? and why?. Will he ever be seen again? What is the real truth about John and what has he been hiding from Honor?

What is really going on in France and who are the two mysterious strangers who suddenly appear?

Have the Tarot cards proved right for Honor and John again.

Join the villagers of Farworth for their next adventures

By violetsandlacecrafts, Feb 27 2019 01:45PM

Once upon a time there was an Author called Carol. She wrote a book called the Dark Side of Innocence. She hadn't a clue what to do with it because she didn't have a publisher, but her Editor found out that she could self publish with Amazon which is what she did and it started to sell. Then a wonderful man came into her life called Denis Michaels, an American man, who helped her became her reviewer and showed her the way when it came to writing. Still to this day I love him to death because he was there for me when I had no one and as a writer I know just what it's like to have a burning desire to want to be a writer and have no one to show you the way. That is what made me take the attitude to other writers that I have.

So what's her problem I hear you? This morning I told a group of on another Authors page that the latest the latest Honor Maye book was out. No problem I thought. Its a group of friends. I got the worst hatred I've ever seen about publicising my book on another Authors page that you have ever seen. Excuse me? Since when was publicising my book happening to mention it was out? I thought publicising your book was putting up a walloping great link to it and an advert. Obviously not, but I was called unprofessional and arrogant and some not some choice words. Needless to say some worse things and all this from a Cozy Mystery Writers Group. I did leave the group and won't be back.

My point is though that I do not spell Carol Yeomanson Author ME. My life as a writer does not revolve around me and only me. I am not so insular that I don't care about my other writer friends. I remember the days when I was the writer who had no one only too well and I have a very dear friend who's about to publish her first book and the day she does I will be proud to include it on my Author page, and my Website and give her a shout in my Newsletter. I have other writer friends who I'm happy to do the same for. They put their books up on my page and I press the share button. What kind of world is this is if can't help each other out?. We're not all J.K. Rowling who obviously doesn't need me pressing my share button for her.

Obviously, this Cozy Mystery Group think I'm in the wrong for helping my Author friends out by daring to let them get a mention on my pages, but they are my pages, and I'll continue doing it. Like I said, I remember what it was like to have no one when I was a new writer and you know the funny thing? The woman who called me unprofessional and arrgant? She wasn't even a writer lol

By violetsandlacecrafts, Feb 21 2019 11:59AM

Recently there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not an Author should end their books with a cliff hanger or not. Personally when I read I love a cliff hanger, but that's me talking personally. I've listened to both sides of the discussion and this is what I've decided to do with my books from now on.

I've realised that my cliff hangers almost hold my readers to ransome. If you want to find out what happens to so and so then you have to come back to buy the next in the series whether you like it or not and I have realised that is very unfair. Also the next in the series can take some time to write so the reader doesn't always remember what the cliff hanger was.

I can't do anything about the cliff hangers in the Garden Centre and Morceax Wines Series up to now but the future books in the series won't end in cliff hangers. They will carry on the stories with the same characters, but will be stand alone novels as well. All my other novels will be stand alone even if they are part of a series and I will have a few series coming up in the coming year.

My readers have told me what they think and I have listened. My readers are the people that are important to me.

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