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Hi everyone. I'm back !

By violetsandlacecrafts, Jun 23 2019 10:16AM

I feel as though I should start this the return of the something or other, although I'm not exactly sure what or who the return of the something or other is ! Firstly I had computer trouble big time as in very big time. The whole thing crashed although it had been playing up for a long while. My website was completely frozen and then the owners of my website got themselves in a tizzy and cut my site off and we had to spend time trying to sort that out until they finally sorted me. It all took time, but breath - and at last I'm back.

Good news is that I've got another book out. The first in a new series of cozy mysteries. This time about a knitting groups. I know there are a lot of cozy mysteries out there. All brilliant and all covering different kinds of things. My group are the Newberry Kniters who are all older ladies and meet in their local Church Hall. One cold afternoon they decide to buy a lottery ticket to see if they can win £10 for a bottle of wine. Slight problem - they win the Jackpot!. They book a cruise to go to the biggest knitting shop in the world. That's when they're problems really begin.

So why not check out Knit One, Purl One, Murder. Available on Amazon Kindle. 99p. Please remember it's a Cozy Mystery. Light hearted, with humour and a bit of murder along the way !

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